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 Alishanee Chafe-Hearmon   Ashley Cortes-Ose   Kai Chen    Lydia Crozier

Anakeiry Cruz   Niamh Mcloughlin    Esther Nozea    Samantha Scully    Roberitine Webbe

Prof. Maura Donohue

Lydia Crozier - The Place You Are Standing

Lydia Crozier - The Place You Are Standing

Sing, be, live, see This dark stormy hour The wind, it stirs The scorched Earth cries out in vain Oh war and power, you blind and blur The torn heart cries out in pain But music and singing have been my refuge And music and singing shall be my light A light of song, shining strong Hallelujah, hallelujah Through darkness and pain and strife I'll sing, I'll be, live, see Peace As a sophomore Muse in the BA Dance Program, Lydia has been privileged enough to grow and learn at Hunter College before online learning ensued. Little did she know that she would be able to find her creative voice in other modes and mediums, looking through a camera and finetuning the results down to each millisecond. It has been a joy for her to continue exploring her artistic potential through creating dance for the screen. Lydia would like to thank Maura Nguyen-Donohue. her other professors, and those who gave feedback during the process, for their guidance. She would like to thank her dancer, Bess Millard, for her artistry and vulnerability, as well as Ashlee Stewart, Gwen Millard, and her family and classmates, for their contributions and support throughout the process. Lydia is an aspiring professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher, with a goal to bring light and joy to those around her. This piece is a mere representation and reflection of her awe of the unfathomable love and peace which abides in each one of us. She is thrilled to share this piece, and is excited to continue honing her skills during her next project in the Sping which will build off of this work.

Background: Anakeiry Cruz for Esther Nozea

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