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The Hunter College Minor in Dance (a minimum of 16 required credits) is designed to allow students to pursue a variety of interests in the field, from performance and creative work to analysis, production and pedagogy.

Required courses (a minimum of 16 credits total)

The following 2 courses must be taken prior to declaration of the minor:

  • DAN 10100 - Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance Technique (can be waived by program permission)

  • DAN 10200 - Dance in Culture 

Additional required courses

  • DAN 21000 - Contemporary Dance Technique I 

  • DAN 22100 - Improvisation 

1 additional dance technique course, selected from the following

  • DAN 10500 - Fundamentals of Ballet 

  • DAN 15100 - Global Dance 1 

  • DAN 22000 - Contemporary Dance Technique II 

  • DAN 21500 - Ballet 1 

  • DAN 25200 - Special Topics: Traditional Dance I 

  • DAN 31000 - Contemporary Dance Technique III 

  • DAN 41000 - Contemporary Dance Technique 4 

  • DAN 22500 - Ballet 2 

  • DAN 35200 - Special Topics: Traditional Dance II 

Choose to fulfill 1 additional requirement from the following courses:

  • A minimum of 6 additional credits in dance

  • A minimum of 6 additional credits in Dance (choices must be approved by Dance Faculty Adviser):

  • Any DAN course at the 200 level or above (At least one of these must be a 3-credit course)

Participation in production crew:

Participation on one production crew team for a fully produced dance program concert

*Placement in technique courses above the Fundamentals level is by placement class, the first day of class review, recommendation of instructor, or department permission. Repeated courses may not be counted in these requirements.

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