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Dance Workshop Livestream Premiere

Elliptic Orbits

by Riia Pulakka

4/22 at 9 PM EST



Justine Farhi 

Abigail Kenoyer 

Alyssa Madden 


Faculty Advisor 

David Capps 


Special Thanks 

Abigail Kenoyer 

Elizabeth Qien 

Will Watkins


Riia Pulakka 

Production Manager &

Lighting Designer 

Burke Brown 

"This project was supported in part through the Hunter College Student Activities Fund in completion of Spring 2021 Dance Workshop,

Prof. David Capps."


Maura Nguyen Donohue 

Alberto Del Saz 


Mystery of the Bells and Abandon

by Tortoise Tree Productions

About the Artist

Riia Pulakka was born and raised in Nokia, Finland. After getting her BA in Dance and Early Childhood Education, she plans to teach children and dance her way somewhere in the world as she is figuring out what to do next. Riia’s choreography, “Elliptic Orbits,” is a continuation of her exploration of tunnels and circles that she started in Fall 2020 by choreographing a dance film, “To Tunnel Through,” which is an Idaho Screendance Festival 2020/2021 Official Selection.  

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