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Livestream Production with CultureHub, powered by LiveLab

Selected shorts from SarahIsoke Days, Reyna Fox, Esther Nozea, Yael Levitin Saban, a re-imaginged remote rendition of Alwin Nikolais' "Tensile Involvement," a return of Marta Renzi's "Skybridge," music from Mark Katsaounis, a short ode to essential workers and LIVE performances from the Bronx to Brooklyn

 by Julieta Rodriguez-Cruz, Vienna I. R. C., Kathryn Alter, Colin Stilwell and Alberto Del Saz

streamed on HOWLROUND TV

Partnering with former Hunter Dance Faculty member Billy Clark

allowed Hunter Dance to explore the new frontier

of an entirely remotely produced live dance concert.

Seemingly built out of a Kurt Vonnegut universe, these live stream works offered a transcendence from the domestic to the fantastic. Living rooms became concert halls became ethereal planes, roommates became crewmates on the Starship Basement and someone’s cat or dog might make a cameo. Please tune in and celebrate the fierce resolve that is New York dancing

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