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Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program

5-Year BA/MA in Dance Education​



The 5-Year BA/MA in Dance Education is designed to attract highly motivated students who are interested in teacher certification in dance, and wish to prepare themselves with a solid liberal arts undergraduate degree. Candidates will demonstrate potential for growth in dance artistry (technique, improvisation, choreography, and performance), as well as academic success. The 5-year BA/MA program allows students to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dance Education through a consolidated plan of study. 

All 5-Year BA/MA applicants must apply to Hunter College and be admitted. Students must meet with a Dance advisor and declare a Dance Major during their freshman year. After completion of 65 undergraduate credits, students must apply to the School of Education for admission and the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program for admission to the 5-Year BA/MA program. Dance majors are typically eligible to apply following completion of DAN 42100 Composition II or DAN 42200 Dance Workshop.

Requirements to Declare the BA/MA

  1. Minimum of at least 60 credits but no more than 90 credits completed by the first semester in the education program.

  2. A Hunter College Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or better.

  3. Evidence of advanced writing ability through a review of English composition and writing intensive coursework.

  4. A formal declaration of a major in Dance.

  5. Participation in a group interview.


Meeting the minimum requirements to declare the dance major does not guarantee entry into the BA/MA program.


Additional Requirements for the BA/MA (47 credits)


Graduate Dance Courses (20 credits)

  • DAN 70100 Embodied Research Practices (2)*

  • DAN 70500 Maintenance of the Dancer's Instrument (3)

  • DAN 73000 Studies of Forms (3)

  • DAN 73500 Performance and Presentation (1)

  • DAN 74000 Aesthetics and Contemporary Issues (3)

  • DAN 74200 Dance History (3)

  • DAN 74600 Special Topics: Graduate Repertory (3)

* Please note that DAN 70100 Graduate Dance Technique must be taken twice for credit.


Education Requirements (27 credits)

Undergraduate Courses

  • SEDF 20300 Social Foundations of Adolescent Education (3)

  • SEDC 21000 Building the Foundations of Literacy in Adolescent Education (3)

  • SEDF 20400 Adolescent Development (2)

  • EDUC 41500 Supporting Multilingual Learners Across the Curriculum (3)

  • EDUC 30800 Clinical Experience 1/50 hours of fieldwork (0)

  • EDUC 30900 Clinical Experience 2/50 hours of fieldwork (0)

  • SEDF 42000 Educational Psychology; Learning and Motivation (3)

  • EDUC 22000 DASA, Health & Safety in Birth through 21 (0)

Graduate Courses

  • SPED 70800 Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings (3)

  • DANED 76000 Methods 1 (3)

  • DANED 76200 Methods 2 (3)

  • DANED 76605 Student Teaching (4)

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Contact Us

Email:     Phone: (212) 396-6643

Declaring the BA/MA

Before you can declare a School of Education major as part of your degree plan, you must complete an interview with faculty, including the Director of the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program. Signing up for an interview can be done through the School of Education website. Current Hunter students can request an interview throughout the year.

Students interested in the Dance Education program should set up an interview as early as possible in the semester prior to the one in which they plan to enroll. Transfer students should seek advisement about declaring a School of Education major as soon as they have been admitted to Hunter. The School of Education does not accept non-degree or second-degree students.

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