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You cannot counter structural inequality with good will.

You have to structure equality. 

- Cathy Davidson

“Conditions for Change: A Pedagogical Cypher”

An Interactive Workshop

supported by a Transformative Learning in the Humanities Grant



6:00pm- 7:30pm EST

One structure "Conditions for Change" uses is

an Africanist socio-political tool- the cypher or bantaba.

Embracing the philosophy of the circle - see all and welcome being seen by all -

showcases possibilities for non-hierarchical learning systems

within academic spaces.

The workshop will encourage a conversation

between technological tools and embodied learning.

Participants will engage in physical and artistic exploration;

design structures for varied curricula; dialogue in breakouts;

and reflect on learning across disciplines.

They will be asked to reimagine

the frontal orientation of the screen into a 360 degree worldview,

one that can hold peripheral perspectives

and seek out difference within community.


Led by Hunter Dance faculty Quilan Arnold and Jessica Nicoll,

 with student leaders Esther Nozea, Ashley Bethea and Kayla Smith


How do our actions serve (or fail to serve)

embodied learning experiences when using video-based platforms?


What strategies and tools can help transform our institutions

into supporters of embodied activists for the humanities and beyond?

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