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Hunter College Dance Department Study Abroad
Havana, Cuba
Spring 2025

Participate in our Silent Auction now through May 20th at 12:00 PM EST!

Help Hunter Dance students dance & learn with the iconic Cuban dance company, Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba.

Introduction to Tap Dance

with Abby Loper

This 1-hour class is perfect if you are a beginning tapper or if you are a “first time tapper” wanting to give tap a try! This will be an energetic class focusing on rhythm and tap sound articulation and ending in a fun combination. If you have tap shoes, great! But if not, you can reserve a pair of tap slip on’s to turn any pair of sneakers into tap shoes. 

Recommended ages: 13+

Location: Hunter College

Maximum Participants: 1-6 dancers


Starting Bid: $75.00

Actual Value: $175.00

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Silent Auction Photos (1).png

Dance Polishing

with Alexa Annese

Do you have a dance you want to perfect or get notes on for an upcoming show or competition? Miss. Alexa will guide you in maximizing your potential in a dance you are currently working on OR in a dance combination in the style of your choice choreographed by Miss. Alexa. This 1.5-hour private lesson is all about emphasizing your own “special sauce” and getting one-on-one specific feedback on how to enhance your dancing. Let’s dance and let’s live!!! R


Recommended ages: 6+

Location: Hunter College or Zoom

Maximum Participants: 1-10 dancers


Starting Bid: $75.00

Actual Value: $175.00

Roaring 20’s Swing/Jazz Class

with Andrew Farella

Win a 1-hour movement experience that would prepare you for the next Roaring 20’s or Jazz Age party. Your party of up to 8 friends will learn the 8-count swing and other variations. Andrew will primarily instruct swing partnering, taking the pressure off for those in your group that might be a little shy. This is the perfect opportunity for your friends to loosen their ties or let their hair down! 

Recommended ages: 21+

Location: Hunter College

Maximum Participants: 2-8 dancers


Starting Bid: $200.00

Actual Value: $800.00

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Hatha Yoga or Cultural Diasporic Experience

with 'Khair Brown

Congratulations winner! You have a choice between a therapeutic, full 1-hour Hatha Yoga class which includes breathing exercises and a meditation session as we engage in traditional Sanskrit chanting (with English translations). Learn both the Sanskrit and English terms of each pose, the benefits, and their awareness points. This is the ideal practice to support our hectic lifestyles and the rigor of our dancing bodies. Or, feel free to choose the 1-hour Cultural Diasporic Experience dance class. Here we move and groove to lively choreography that incorporates dances from around the globe, with an emphasis on storytelling and exploring new levels of embodiment. Have fun taking what you’ve learned from the dance studio to the party!


Recommended ages: 18+

Location:  NYC Dance studio (location TBA)

Maximum Participants: 1-10 dancers


Starting Bid: $75.00

Actual Value: $300.00

Birthday Party Add-On: Dance Experience

with Maria Collins

Add this 1-hour group dance class to your young dancer’s birthday party at the location of your choice, and in the dance genre of your choice: Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Theater Jazz, or Creative Movement. 

*Summers only (weekday afternoons after 4:00pm; all-day on weekends)

Recommended ages: 18 months-12 years old (at least one adult must be present)

Location: Your chosen location in NYC

Maximum Participants: 1-10 dancers


Starting Bid: $100.00

Actual Value: $400.00

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Silent Auction Photos (5).png

Modern Dance

with Martina Dimitrova

This 1-hour class will take you on an exhilarating journey into the world of modern dance inspired by the legendary dancer and choreographer, Paul Taylor. In this 1-hour class designed specifically for middle school students, dancers will delve into the dynamic and expressive movements characteristic of Taylor's iconic style. Student(s) will begin with a comprehensive warm-up to prepare their bodies and minds for the exploration ahead. Through a series of exercises and across-the-floor sequences, they will have the opportunity to embody the fluidity, strength, and emotional depth synonymous with Taylor's choreography. Don't miss this chance to experience the magic of Paul Taylor's legacy firsthand and unleash your inner dancer in a supportive and inclusive environment. Bid now for the opportunity to elevate your dance journey and make unforgettable memories! Recommended ages: Any! 


Recommended ages: 10-15

Location: Hunter College

Maximum Participants: 1-10 dancers


Starting Bid: $40.00

Actual Value: $100.00

Jazz Across the Floor

with Nyraena Simmons

Step into the world of jazz with Mrs. Raena, as she guides you through a dynamic 1-hour private lesson. Learn the art of commercial-style jazz, mastering jumps, turns, and leaps across the floor. Your participation not only promises an unforgettable experience but also contributes to a noble cause – supporting efforts to send teachers to study abroad in Cuba. Bid generously, dance passionately, and help make dreams come true! 

Recommended ages: 7+

Location: Hunter College

Maximum Participants: 1-3 dancers


Starting Bid: $80.00

Actual Value: $250.00

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1-on-1 Private Lesson: Ballet or Contemporary

with Sara Perez

Win a private lesson (1-hour for dancers 10+, 30-mins for dancers under 10) in either classical ballet or contemporary dance. Sara will work with you to create an individualized class structure based on your goals. With an emphasis on strong foundations and musicality, Sara enjoys love to help anyone become a more well rounded dancer. Whether you're just starting out or want to polish a few problem areas she's here to help!


Recommended ages: 5+

Location: Zoom

Maximum Participants: 1-4 dancers


Starting Bid: $40.00

Actual Value: $65.00

Private or Group Lesson: Ballet or Jazz

with Allison O'Donnell

Ballet: Student can choose a traditional ballet class that consists of barre, center, and across the floor exercises with a focus on something specific of the student/s choice. Student/s can also opt for a "ballet conditioning" class that focuses on exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination of the ballet technique. 

Jazz: Student/s can choose to participate in a traditional jazz class which consists of a warm-up, center work, and across the floor for the first half of class and to learn a jazz combination the last half of class. Student/s can also choose to dedicate the entire class to either jazz exercises or a jazz combination either choreography by Allison or original Musical Theater choreography.


Both class options are 1.5-hours total. All levels are welcome! 

Recommended ages: 8+

Location: Hunter College

Maximum Participants: 1-10 dancers


Starting Bid: $100.00

Actual Value: $450.00

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Silent Auction Photos (10).png

Classical Ballet Class

with Jacquelyn Scafidi

Jacquelyn Scafidi is excited to offer a 1 hour and 15 minute (1 hour for students 8 and under) classical Ballet classthat will strengthen barre work, foot articulation, battements, jumps, pirouettes, and overall rigor and strength that is required in any ballet class.

Recommended ages: 3 to 18 years old 

Location: Flexible within the Tri-State area

Maximum Participants: 1-20 dancers 


Starting Bid: $100.00

Actual Value: $200.00

Contemporary Dance Class

with Miriam Gabriel

Come undulate and articulate in my 1 hour and 15-minute contemporary dance class. The session will begin with breathwork and stretching that transitions into a rigorous warm-up based on foundational elements of Cunningham and Dunham Technique. The second half of the session focuses on learning a playful and dynamic choreographic phrase. Through the embrace of spontaneity and experimentation, dancers will be tasked to move between set choreography and their own improvised movement, allowing for agency and personal expression. The class concludes with a cool-down and gratitude practice to calm and give thanks to the body and mind.

Recommended ages: 5+

Location: Flexible to your needs

Maximum Participants: 1-20 dancers


Starting Bid: $50.00

Actual Value: $150.00

Silent Auction Photos (11).png

All donations directly contribute to student program fees and associated costs.

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