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Watch Our Dis/Dances Online

May 8th & 9th

Friday May 8th offers the premiere of Marta Renzi’s “Skybridge,” Pedro Ruiz’s “Beyond the Wall” for the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program and several works from students in Composition 1, taught by Alberto (Tito) Del Saz and Dance Workshop, taught by Assoc Prof Maura Nguyen Donohue. Visit the sneak peek gallery


The particularly timely beauty of Marta’s film “Skybridge” is the way it both celebrates Hunter’s delightful, imbedded-into-New-York-City architecture and presciently honors our access to spaces that were easily taken for granted. As dancers make close contact with one another, (not to mention all those metal railings!), we hover like the camera over a moment of innocence and witness the mutual aid of partnering and pedestrian flow. Here was an interactive social present that remains, hopefully, not too distant.

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