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What program options does the dance department offer?

The Dance Department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs! For undergraduate students, we offer a BA in Dance, a Dance Minor, and a BA in Dance Education. For graduate students, we offer an MFA in Dance, an MA in Dance Education, and a 5-year BA/MA in Dance Education.


Who will my professors be?

Visit our faculty and staff page to get to know your professors. Our faculty are well respected active professionals in the NYC dance community. Many of our professors also teach at other studios and universities in the city.

What courses do you offer?

We offer a wide range of classes, including technique classes in an array of styles such as Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, African Diasporic Forms. We also offer history, theory, production, and creative courses. View the course catalog here! Meet with an advisor to plan your course load.


Do I need to be a major or minor to take dance technique classes?

No, any student can take a dance technique class in the department. Fundamentals classes are open to all students without placement. We also offer electives like DAN 102: Dance in Culture, which is open to anyone–no experience necessary. If you think a higher-level course is more suited to your abilities/experience, you should attend our placement audition at the beginning of each semester. 


I want to try a dance class for the first time, what should I take?

We offer many beginner-level classes, so it depends on what you are interested in! Here are some we recommend: DAN 101: Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance, DAN 105: Fundamentals of Ballet, DAN 25265: Hip-Hop 1, DAN 151: Global Dance, DAN25256: Yoga, DAN 25275: African Diasporic Forms.


Do I need to audition in order to declare a dance major/minor?

No, we do not require an audition to declare a dance major or minor. However, in order to declare a BA Dance Major, you must be admitted into DAN 21500 Ballet 1 or DAN 21000 Contemporary Dance Technique I or higher as determined by placement audition which is open to all students. You will then meet with a Dance advisor. For more information, read about the BA Dance Major and Dance Minor here. 


What is the placement class? How do I prepare?

The placement classes are for enrolled Hunter students with previous dance experience. Dancers do not need to come with movement prepared, faculty will teach short phrases in Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Ballet. Dancers will then receive placements from advisors at the end of the class. Please wear clothes you can dance in.


Can I double major in dance and something else?

Yes! Many of our students double major. We suggest you speak with an advisor to plan out the best course to balance the dance requirements with your core and other major requirements. 

Where is the Dance Department?

The dance department is housed in Thomas Hunter Hall. We have spaces throughout the entire sixth floor, as well as on the fifth and seventh floors! You can find our main office in TH 614 and the AGDEP office in TH 518.


How many dance studios do you have?

We have 5 dance studios used for classes and rehearsals. Students are welcome to reserve them for personal or course affiliated use when classes are not being held in the space. The Peggy is our studio theater and is used for student performances each semester. The Jody is located in the Jody Arnhold Graduate Dance Research Center. The Floria is our most recently renovated studio. The 7th floor studio is the only studio where shows are allowed and this studio is most used for our Hip Hop classes. 


How do I reserve studio space?

For current Hunter students, information is available here! Alumni and outside renters email: for more details!

How many performances do you have each semester?

There are multiple productions each semester with student work and professional repertory performed by students. We offer a variety of performances for you to attend and/or perform in. Keep your eye out on Instagram or the announcements page for ticket links! We typically have at least one performance for each of our programs (BA, AGDEP, and MFA) each semester.


Do I need to be a Dance Major/Minor to perform?

No! Anyone who is enrolled in a dance course can perform in one of our many performances each semester. We hold BA, MFA, and MA shows in The Peggy studio/theater and annually at the Kaye Playhouse on Hunter’s campus.

Where do students live?

Hunter College is largely a commuter school so many students are living at home while they go to school. There are limited on-campus housing options offered through Hunter’s Residence Life Program. 


I am a freshman/transfer student who wants to major in dance. What do I register for?

We recommend meeting with an advisor first to get you on the right track.  


What is AGDEP?

AGDEP stands for the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program, which is home to our Masters of Dance Education. You can find more information on their Instagram @arnholddanceed.


When can I apply to the graduate programs?

Our graduate dance programs only accept new students in the Fall and the application deadline is always on March 15th! Make sure you get those applications in soon.


How can I stay up to date on the latest dance department news?

Email and ask to be added to our Hunter Dance News Listserv! You will get emails updating you on all of the latest Hunter Dance happenings.

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