Dear Dance Community, 


In light of the continued racist attacks against Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander people in the United States and across the world we invite you to join us today, Saturday, March 20, for a moment of solidarity and collective action in support of the Asian and Asian American and Pacific Islander community and against Anti-Asian violence. 


The violence that has occurred over the past few days and throughout this year against the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community is the result of continuous xenophobia seeded by white supremacy and the ongoing systemic failures exacerbated by COVID-19. We remain firmly in support of the wellbeing and safety of our Asian American dance colleagues and continue to champion the role that dance can play to foster the inclusion, integration, and human rights in the New York City metropolitan area.

Today, we invite you to visit the racial justice resources page on the Dance/NYC website. 


We want to thank our Justice, Equity and Inclusion organizational partner Asian American Arts Alliance for providing some of the resources shared here today. As well, Maura Nguyen Donohue, our Thematic Guide Curator for today offers these thoughts below for us to digest and consider.


This week I sent a virtual shoulder squeeze, hug or fist pump to Asian American Pacific Islander friends around the country and wept through faculty meetings. It's yet another painful moment for ancestors, offspring and me. I recognize the repetition of history in the acute pain at radio silence from people I thought weren’t just allies, but friends. Be more than an ally, be a human. Reach out to Asian folx and recognize this horror with us, especially if you know us, work with us, watch us, eat with us or sleep with us. I’m not just busy, there isn’t just ‘a lot on my plate.’ I am distraught. I have been making my kids carry mace. I have been called "Covid" and "Coronavirus" on my block of 25 years. I spent the entirety of my life proving that I didn't need to get back on that boat, go back to my own country, or had a sideways slit like my eyes. I made works called "Lotus Blossom Itch" and wrote about "Ambivalent Selves: the Asian Female Body in American Concert Dance." I know this bullshit. I know the racial misogyny that has filled law enforcement, news media and the silence of my own supposed community of art makers through increasing calls to #stopasianhate.

I didn't need an MFA to understand that me and my sisters are as disposable as ChoCho San in Madame Butterfly.  That I am here in the imagination of the good ol' boy as nothing other than lethal temptation. 


Outrage is diminutive for the shrieking banshee in my heart. We are human. We are mothers working to provide for our children. We are grandmothers supporting our family. We are body workers and sex workers, and that should not be criminalized. We offer people rest. We give care and restoration. And we are murdered while doing that. We are leaving motherless children behind. And we are dismissed as the acceptable losses to a white man's bad day. I am mourning every night on the phone with my mother, who adores this chosen country and believes she needs security cameras now. Walk an elder safely home or bring them some flowers and learn some history that includes the largest mass lynching in US history in 1871, the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII, the My Lai Massacre, US Military driven prostitution markets in Vietnam, S Korea, the Philippines, US -  Thai sex trafficking, and learn names like Vincent Chin and the lives that Soon C. Park, Hyun Jung Grant, Suncha Kim, Yong A. Yue, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, and Daoyou Feng left behind.

~ Maura




1) AAPI Rally Against Hate NYC
March 21, 2021 at 1 PM EDT at Columbus Park in Chinatown- Manhattan



Unite and empower the community with conscious conversations, guest speakers, live music and supporting local businesses by eating at your favorite restaurants before and after the event. 


2) Black & Asian Solidarity Rally and Run NYC

March 21, 2021 at 10 AM EST

Meet at Union Square - Manhattan


This Sunday, March 21st for a 5K run, walk, bike through lower Manhattan. The rally will also feature special guest speakers who are on the front lines helping to raise awareness against anti-Asian and anti-Black racism. 


3) National Day of Action to Speak Out Against AAPI Hate

March 26--More details to come. In the meantime, you can sign on to this statement by the Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta and NAACP-GA

4) Final Bow for Yellow Face Virtual Teahouse session

March 21, 2021 6 PM EST













Today 10:07 AM

K. Go/sef

Thank you Dance/NYC, Maura for creating this space and your words. Words that I could not find. I was connecting with AAPI folx and felt that we needed something. I felt that I needed something along with the processing of the incredible knowledge from the symposium, my heart and mind, and body was finding moments of intense freeze and flight. And realize that I wanted to carve a space in this Dance/NYC community to acknowledge the terrible violence and fear our AAPI family, friends, community are going through at a heightened level. And this tragic and frightening recent assault and murder. I just want to personally thank @Kayva Yang for connecting with me through this virtual platform - who held me for a moment, as I recognized my low capacity moving through the symposium, and letting me know that was ok. I want to thank @Linda Kuo for being my friend, teacher, mentor, and always a supporter. And @Zavé Martohardjono for inviting me to the overall Dance/NYC event, for otherwise I would have not be in attendance. In gratitude and in always in love and respect, K.Go

Today 12:18 PM

J Gabriels


Janet Aisawa

can't get into platform

K. Go/sef

Yes is this event being streamed or online? There is no access.

D/NYC Moderator | Candace Thompson-Zachery

Hi Everyone - This event is not being streamed. We invite to you read the statement and take action in your own way based on the resources shared.

Eva Yaa-Asantewaa

Thank you, Maura, and I mourn with you in this time of so much mourning. I have spent time today sharing the knowledge and resources you included on this site so that more people can educate themselves. Like so much else, this information has been kept out of most of the history books our children must learn from. I don't have kids, so I don't know if things are any better than they were when I was a child, but I know I had to learn real history, piecemeal, as I got older and could make choices for myself. It is the same for the history of kidnapping and slavery of African ancestors, the colonial land grab and slaughter of Indigenous nations. But we can share knowledge with one another and be moved, by shared humanity, to act as if we are kin with one another on this beautiful Earth. Thank you, again.

D/NYC Moderator | Candace Thompson-Zachery

Feel free to use the chat to respond and communicate and reflect on what is going on. Thank you for what you shared above @k.Go/sef. I feel that. And So glad zavé invited you.

Maura Donohue

Thank you for being here and sharing space.

Alejandra Duque

If anyone wants to share any additional resources or personal stories feel free to do so here.

This space is yours and we are with you.

Maura Donohue

I am so grateful for DanceNYC's modeling of responsive care and the ways we can build kinship through our continued willingness to be different and learn together.

My family and I will be in Chinatown tomorrow at 1pm, if anyone wants to say hello and give physical shoulder squeezes