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Hunter College Dance Festival 20/20

May 8th & 9th

On May 8th & 9th, Hunter College Dance screened over 40 different dances, including the premiere of Marta Renzi's "Skybridge," a screening of Pedro Ruiz's work-in-progress "Beyond the Wall," Karisma Jay's collaboration with Lori Brungard on "Ancestral Connections," Tito Del Saz's reimagining of Nikolais' "Tensile Involvement" and Catherine Green's "ballet at hunter at home," plus select works from our BA, MA and MFA programs, and a live streamed performance May 9, in partnership with CultureHub, powered by LiveLab. The inaugural Hunter Dance Festival offered a real-time glimpse into art made during unprecedented times. Witness the beauty of a chorus of moving images, bodies, and sound as we showcase the vibrancy and robust, energetic passion of a diverse group of teachers, artists and students working in New York City in the 21st century. 

Dance, a live artistic practice, is essential to a humanistic, liberal arts education.

About Hunter College Dance

Our mission is to provide a rigorous, challenging, humanistic dance education, housed in a liberal arts environment. We encourage curiosity and passion, developing expansive definitions of what it is to be a dance artist, educator and citizen of the world. Courses are designed to support students in becoming articulate movers, speakers, and writers. The Dance Department actively reflects and participates in the cultural and artistic diversity of New York City.


May 9 7:30pm Livestream Production with CultureHub,

powered by LiveLab

Performances from the Bronx to Brooklyn including BA Dance Major Julieta Rodriguez-Cruz, CUNY BA Vienna I. R. C., MFAs Kathryn Alter and Colin Stilwell and Hunter Dance Faculty (and Nikolais/Louis Artistic Director) Alberto Del Saz, with short musical interludes by Mark Katsounis, as well as selected short videos from students will be streamed on HOWLROUND TV


Partnering with former Hunter Dance Faculty member Billy Clark has allowed Hunter Dance to explore the new frontier of an entirely remotely produced live dance concert. Seemingly built out of a Kurt Vonnegut universe, these live stream works offer a transcendence from the domestic to the fantastic. Living rooms become concert halls become ethereal planes, roommates become crewmates on the Starship Basement and someone’s cat or dog might make a cameo. Please tune in and celebrate the fierce resolve that is New York dancing.

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